how an old payment scheme is disrupting the payment industry



Source: Payoneer
  1. 身为少有成功进入中国的金融科技公司Payoneer面临着来自新来者的挑战。
  2. Payoneer应该把重心摆在中国,投入更多资源,并连接其全球资源,以创造更多的增值服务和护城河。
  3. 令人兴奋的跨境支付革新才刚刚开始。


Key Takeaway

  • Retail payment technology is most talked about as it’s most visible. However retail payment has the least opportunity
  • The most opportunity is behind the scenes…

Source: Payoneer
  1. Payoneer, a fintech wiht rare successful China entry is facing challenges from new comers.

Ming-Chieh Lee

passion for #fintech #payments #RTP real time payment #Banking as a Service #digital strategy #blockchain

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