Bank digital transformation — series 2


Why is it important?

  • New tech disruption in other areas has raised customers’ expectation
  • Banking industry hasn’t changed in the last 100 years, hence creating gap between expectation and current offering
  • Changes are coming and they have proven to be cause seismic shift in the industry
  • Results in incumbent banks to either dramatically transform or be left behind.
  • Apply first principle of design
  • 4 possible operating models
  • Emerging trends
  • Technology trends
  • Realize change is coming, it’s dramatic and be serious
  • Redefine strategy

Why important?

Simply put, transformational changes are coming to the financial industry, and if incumbent don’t change, they will be left behind.

So, what should banks do?

Apply first principle of design:

  1. Digital bank
  2. Go for a niche.
  3. Be the infrastructure
  4. Platform


Emerging trends:

My final thoughts

1. Realize that change is coming, and it’s going to redefine the industry



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Ming-Chieh Lee

Ming-Chieh Lee

passion for #fintech #payments #RTP real time payment #Banking as a Service #digital strategy #blockchain