Payment series 2 — why is payment important

  1. it’s a hook to drive traffic and increase usage — important for platform
  2. usage creates more use case scenarios

More data

In today’s world, and for the foreseeable future, data has become the key ingredient to innovation. It’s the foundation for AI and data analysis which has a number of practical usage from personalized marketing, operational efficiency, risk calculation, and to product direction. One of the biggest problem in data modeling is the quality of the data. Payment data happens to be of the highest quality because it’s based on user’s transaction.

Drive traffic

In today’s fintech or even tech world, I generally see 4 types of models:

  1. platform
  2. target and specialize for specific group
  3. the API / infrastructure approach.
  1. digital Matthew’s effect / network effect
  1. or one app that does it all, financial related.

Use cases

As I alluded to above, payment not only can be used as a gateway to get people into your app for all things financial, but also can be used in a number of use cases. I will present 2 examples here. It’s certainly not exhaustive.


The future of fintech is whoever has the data and user traffic. I believe payment is key unless some other financial function would trigger more usage.



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