The Misaligned Opportunity in Payment

Key Takeaway

  • Retail payment technology is most talked about as it’s most visible. However retail payment has the least opportunity
  • The most opportunity is behind the scenes with B2B payment as it’s the largest sector of payment and the technology is the most behind.

Retail Payment

Source: Aggregation Theory by Ben Thompson
Source: Aggregation in Payment from Fintech Rumination
Facial payment

Business payments


Typical credit card payment flow diagram. Source: Jas Shah

Current Trend:

E-Commerce Retail Sales as a % of Total Sales. Source: US Census Bureau


  1. Payments getting cheaper, easier, and simpler for both offline and online transactions.
  2. The unbundle to rebundle of the payments markets: PaaS (Payment as a Service) -> FaaS (Fintech as a Service) -> Market place

B2B Payment

Source: Goldman Sachs



  • Ben Thompson’s aggregation theory — LINK
  • Goldman Sachs’ B2B report — LINK
  • Amazonization in Retail Payment — LINK




passion for #fintech #payments #RTP real time payment #Banking as a Service #digital strategy #blockchain

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Ming-Chieh Lee

Ming-Chieh Lee

passion for #fintech #payments #RTP real time payment #Banking as a Service #digital strategy #blockchain

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